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A race exhibition group formed in 2018 for 1920 and earlier race cars to provide a traveling show at various events across the U.S. showcasing these amazing machines in a historical setting. There are dozens of significant race cars from this era sitting in museums  and collections all across North America that deserve to be seen at speed, as they were meant to be. Until now, a suitable venue to bring these cars out as a group hasn't existed. Our group allows spectators to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of these cars at race tracks, tours and shows giving them a taste of what it was like during the “Heroic Age” of auto racing.

#19 1911 National & #17 1916 National
Still image from Hagerty Why I Drive.
#20 1911 National, #17 1916 National
#16 1912 Packard
#16 1912 Packard

Our desire is to educate spectators about the rich motorsports history of this time period.

Our goal is to spread our knowledge about these rare cars simply to keep them alive.


As long as we are around these cars will be in motion, not sitting idle in a museum.

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